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The mind is full of thoughts Thoughts kindred as waves The wave which destroys citadel Citadel  where our dream resides Dream shattered as glasses Glasses that cant be remould As action can’t be disentangled  Words which can’t be unfix Repleted with contrition He stir in unpaved roads Gambling with his thought Thought with turns of chance With pinch of chances Chances  he atrophied He stirs in roads … Carving his thoughts on breeze Breeze that flows ...flows...  With breeze his thoughts flows                                                                                    


Our Heart is full of emotions Emotion- overwhelmed by expectations Expectations that can't be compiled And he wanders with the loads... Wanders -on untaken alley’s betwixt greenery and effete Through where he will travel??? Confused -  Dwellings and imagination’s His emotions grow day by day….. Loads that he can’t unfold!!!! Struck betwixt reality and imagination’s With every step, he breaks apart But his dream holds..holds firmly Deep inside he wants to fly Fly with the winds ….over the horizon Cinched inside his own dreams Dreams with no endings…no endings!!!!